Our People

Martin Gleeson

Martin is the Managing Director of Autosystems and an accomplished software engineer, with over twenty years of experience designing and developing useable software products. He enjoys helping clients deploy technology and improve their business. He is able to give them personalized attention and believes in delivering a quality product and services.

Martin is a keen cyclist and a devoted dad.

Daniel Cardamone

Dan coordinates our IT support. He loves tackling tricky computer problems and enjoys working with clients to find solutions. While a sledge-hammer can usually fix most technical problems, Dan prefers to try and solve them. He balances this with a dose of pragmatism to ensure that the job gets done with a minimum of fuss.

Lidia Cosentino
BBBC (Bachelor of Business – Business Computing)

Lidia is a senior analyst programmer who has over thirteen years experience in dealing with all aspects of the software development lifecycle. She is very dedicated to the binary world. Lidia is also a very proud mother of two and will give almost anything a go.

Chris Dennehy
BSc (Network Computing), CCNA

Chris is our own little piece of England. He is a desktop specialist who is well versed in all aspects of networking. He handles support and training for our customers and makes sure they get the best out of their investment in IT. When not at work Chris enjoys living an active lifestyle and can often be found out journeying our great land. Chris enjoys seeing the sun on a daily basis.

We’re 100% Carbon-Neutral.

At Autosystems we love cars, but we also love to have a planet where we can drive them. That’s why we’re committed to trying to preserve the environment for this and future generations.

We’re 100% Carbon-Neutral. This means we use Greenfleet to plant trees to offset the emissions from our cars and our computers, and we encourage others to do the same. We also support the development of transport that uses no energy from non-renewable resources. To our knowledge we are the first and only Automotive Dealer System vendor that is 100% Carbon-Neutral.