auto.SMS is our feature-rich messaging system. It is a standalone product that can provide sms messaging capabilities for any Dealer Management System, regardless of whether that system provides sms-messaging capabilities or not. Even if your system provides SMS messaging capabilities, chances are that we can do it better.

  • Booking Reminders – reduce your no-show rate.
  • Booking Confirmation – an instant SMS to confirm a booking and assist with adding to the customer’s Calendar.
  • Pre-Booking Reminders – Inform your customers of their booking ahead of time – 28 days, 7 days, whatever you prefer. Multiple reminders, and they are fully customisable.
  • Customer Follow-up Messages – improve customer contact levels and satisfaction.
  • Scheduled Servicing Reminders – improve service customer retention.
  • Marketing Messages – bulk messaging to your customer base for promotions and other customer contact.
  • Two-way Email to SMS Messaging – get replies to your SMS messages as emails, and your email reply is sent back as an SMS.
  • Desktop SMS Messaging – for getting messages out as fast as you can type!

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autoDMS is our flagship product, is an Automotive Dealership Management System.

Autosystems is first and foremost committed to a functional product that suits the needs of our customers. We work with dealerships that are uncompromising: they know what they want and are looking for the talent needed to turn their vision into reality. autoSMS is a feature-rich, completely windows-based graphical Dealer Management System. It is a true Windows-based product, designed from the ground up, not simply a windows-looking interface slapped onto a mainframe product.

Our system has a proven track-record that speaks for itself, but more importantly it is the strength of our relationships that has been the cornerstone of our business.

We don’t just provide a system — we change the way your employees work and how your business operates, quicker, more efficiently and more effectively.

We believe technology should be both user friendly and easy to use. With that in mind, we designed our system using the latest Windows®-based technology. It plays nicely with Microsoft ® Word and Excel, and also lets you interact with customers taking advantage of modern communication technologies such as SMS and email.

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