autoSMS is our feature-rich messaging system. It is a standalone product that can provide sms messaging capabilities for any Dealer Management System, regardless of whether that system provides sms-messaging capabilities or not. Even if your system provides SMS messaging capabilities, chances are that we can do it better.

  • Booking Reminders – reduce your no-show rate.
  • Booking Confirmation – an instant SMS to confirm a booking and assist with adding to the customer’s Calendar.
  • Pre-Booking Reminders – Inform your customers of their booking ahead of time – 28 days, 7 days, whatever you prefer. Multiple reminders, and they are fully customisable.
  • Customer Follow-up Messages – improve customer contact levels and satisfaction.
  • Scheduled Servicing Reminders – improve service customer retention.
  • Marketing Messages – bulk messaging to your customer base for promotions and other customer contact.
  • Two-way Email to SMS Messaging – get replies to your SMS messages as emails, and your email reply is sent back as an SMS.
  • Desktop SMS Messaging – for getting messages out as fast as you can type!

Contact us to arrange for one of our staff to visit you and talk about how autoSMS can help your business.