Our People

Martin Gleeson

Martin is the Managing Director of Autosystems and an accomplished software engineer, with over twenty-five years of experience designing and developing useable software products. He enjoys helping clients deploy technology and improve their business. He is able to give them personalized attention and believes in delivering a quality product and services.

We’re 100% Carbon-Neutral.

At Autosystems we love cars, but we also love to have a planet where we can drive them. That’s why we’re committed to trying to preserve the environment for this and future generations.

We’re 100% Carbon-Neutral. This means we use Greenfleet to plant trees to offset the emissions from our cars and our computers, and we encourage others to do the same. We also support the development of transport that uses no energy from non-renewable resources. To our knowledge we are the first and only Automotive Dealer System vendor that is 100% Carbon-Neutral.